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6-Figure Consulting | Gold Package
NOTE: Price includes a 4% handling fee.
Consulting is the art of forward thinking and progress. No man or woman can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come through education.

In this 2.5-HOUR consulting program, you will get to deepen the leveraged process behind 4 years of craftsmanship. 12-16 hours a day for 4 straight years mastering the art of traffic generation, funnel building and list building.

You will grasp all my golden nugget secrets when it comes to traffic, conversion and sales. Be my guest. Model over my alchemy.

You can discuss ANYTHING you desire, about systems, hiring, marketing, getting traffic, sales, advertising, persuasion, influence, mindset, sales-copy, conversions, marketing funnel, etc.. There is NO LIMITS to topics of discussion.

IMPORTANT: After, you’ve booked in, be sure to email so we can schedule the perfect time and date to get things rolling. I will do my best to fulfill everyone’s slots as quick as I can, depending on the amount of bookings we are receiving as well as the amount of slots in my private consulting program I currently have open.


- Calvin
Refund Policy
Since I am devoting my personal time with each client, “refunders” are NOT welcome. My results are PROVEN, and value is GUARANTEED. If you’re a “refunder”, then this isn’t for you. No refunds will be given.

For a more detailed refund policy statement, be sure to visit:
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