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6-Figure Consulting | Diamond Package
NOTE: Price includes a 4% handling fee.
Consulting is the art of forward thinking and progress. No man or woman can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come through education.

In this 5-HOUR consulting program, you will get to deepen the leveraged process behind 4 years of craftsmanship. 12-16 hours a day for 4 straight years mastering the art of traffic generation, funnel building and list building.

5 Hours of intensive consulting/ coaching/ strategies intensive, where I will go over setting up your COMPLETE online/ network/ affiliate marketing funnel that will help you cash-in! FAST! This is PURE intensive & will dramatically give you the results that you've always been looking for!

You can discuss ANYTHING you desire, about systems, hiring, marketing, getting traffic, sales, advertising, persuasion, influence, mindset, sales-copy, conversions, marketing funnel, etc.. There is NO LIMITS to topics of discussion.

IMPORTANT: After, you’ve booked in, be sure to email so we can schedule the perfect time and date to get things rolling. I will do my best to fulfill everyone’s slots as quick as I can, depending on the amount of bookings we are receiving as well as the amount of slots in my private consulting program I currently have open.


- Calvin
Refund Policy
Since I am devoting my personal time with each client, “refunders” are NOT welcome. My results are PROVEN, and value is GUARANTEED. If you’re a “refunder”, then this isn’t for you. No refunds will be given.

For a more detailed refund policy statement, be sure to visit:
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